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Meet the machine that launched an industry. Precise. Rugged. Versatile.

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The Rotex® industrial separator with automatic tensioning delivers on-spec product with less rejection of good materials for increased profits. Rotex endures today as the industry standard, thanks to countless applications in the toughest conditions around the world.
Compensating Clamps

Patented adjustable clamps ensure uniform sealing of cover and screen decks.

Patented quick-snap tension clips allow for even tensioning across the entire screen.

Automatically Tensioned Screens

Ask your Rotex representative how we can fully customize your machine inlets/outlets and add liners, decks, aspiration and more.

Positive Screen Cleaning

Mesh cleaning balls keep screen openings clear, maintaining efficiency and capacity.


Gyratory Reciprocating Motion

The Gyratory Reciprocating Motion gradually transitions along the length of the machine, starting off as purely gyratory motion at the head, then moving to elliptical movement in the center and reverting back to reciprocating toward the end.

  1. Circular motion at feed end
  • Spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface
  • Stratifies the material
  • Aggressively conveys material forward
  1. Changing to elliptical motion at center
  • Long-stroke elliptical action
  • Enhances product stratification
  • Conveys material at high capacity
  1. Reciprocating motion at discharge end
  • Removes near-size particles
  • Improves screening efficiency
  • No vertical component ensures material is in constant contact with the screen surface

Eliminates Screen Blinding

Through the use of our mesh cleaning balls and Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, material blinding is virtually nonexistent.

Consistent Screen Tension

The screen is automatically tensioned with each new installation through the use of our unique screen-attachment method.

Longevity and Durability

Rotex drives are designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance.

Increased Screening Performance

All Rotex machines deliver greater efficiencies, superior particle accuracies and higher yields.


Rotex General Purpose

The Rotex general-purpose separator is a cost-effective solution that uses proven Rotex technology, but with wooden screen frames. This machine is recommended for applications where wood is permissable in the separation process and the separations are coarser than 30 mesh.

Rotex Dairy Screener

The Rotex Dairy Screener was custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the dairy industry. This exclusive machine generates higher yields and finer separations with no blinding. Best of all, it’s easy to clean during change-outs, reducing the chance of contamination.


Floor Mounting

Because the Rotex counterbalanced drive has low transmitted forces, the Rotex can be floor-mounted in properly designed structures, a design feature unique to this type of equipment. The Rotex can be mounted directly on the floor or on an elevated structural steel framework, which allows for drums and other equipment to be located under the machine. Rotex application engineers are available to recommend a stand for any specific application.

Cable Suspension

Rotex Screeners can be cable-suspended from the four corners of the machine, thereby isolating screening forces from the surrounding structure. Accurate counterbalancing of the Rotex Screener makes this type of installation option possible. If the existing overhead structure is not suitable or structurally unable to support the cable-suspended unit, the Rotex Screener can be suspended from a floor-mounted cable support stand. As with conventional cable suspension, this option effectively isolates the horizontal out-of-balance screening forces, which minimizes costs for new structures and permits the use of older structures that might not otherwise support cable-suspended equipment. Note that certain Rotex models can only be cable suspended.

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Drive Head

Rotex drive heads come in three configurations.

Compensating Clamps/Screen Frame Removal

The top cover is the main point of access to the screen decks; by releasing the toolless compensating clamps and lifting the cover off, you can access the screen frames directly. Each deck must be removed for screen change-out. The screens are attached using Rotex tensioning clips, which automatically draw the correct tension on the screen clothing.

Inspection Ports

Inspection ports are located on the top cover of the machine. When the machine is stopped, you can easily remove the inspection cap and ensure the screener is operating correctly. This could include inspections for screen blinding, screen tears or material buildup.

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Inlet Connection

Rotex customizes each machine configuration to match the exact application needs. Inlet connection options include:

yuki_morihara森原由纪_yuki_morihara森原由纪 精彩完整 ,追捕日本电影国语版 免费在线 , 大岛熏(大島薫)作品番号 精彩完整视频
yuki_morihara森原由纪_yuki_morihara森原由纪 精彩完整 ,追捕日本电影国语版 免费在线 , 大岛熏(大島薫)作品番号 精彩完整视频

Outlet Connections

Rotex customizes each machine configuration to match the exact application needs. Outlet connection options include:

Slide Bearings

Slide bearings are bearings where only sliding friction is generated. The shaft is generally supported by the sliding surface, with oil and air in between to facilitate sliding movement. Sliding bearings are lightweight and have a long operating life while introducing minimal vibrations or noise.

Discharge Chute

The APEX™ discharge chute offers easily accessible outlets and customizable outlet configurations. Outside of the outlets, you can also customize the discharge chute by adding hinges to improve accessibility for product cleanouts and inspections. Lastly, you can include up to two different aspirated fractions for added separation capabilities.

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